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1. **USB Charging:** Conveniently powered through USB, allowing flexibility in charging options.

2. **Versatility:** Suitable for various settings, including home, office, and outdoor environments.

3. **Compact Design:** Enhances portability and ease of storage, taking up minimal space.

4. **Efficient Cooling Power:** Delivers reliable and efficient airflow for a refreshing experience.

5. **Convenient Storage:** Minimal space requirement for storage, providing easy and convenient options.

6. **Portable:** Easy to carry, making it a practical solution for on-the-go cooling needs.

1. **USB Charging Capability:** Enables hassle-free power-up, compatible with various devices.

2. **Versatile Application:** Ideal for home, office, and outdoor use, offering flexibility in usage.

3. **Compact and Portable:** Designed for easy carrying and storage, ensuring convenience.

4. **Refreshing Breeze:** Provides reliable performance for a refreshing and comfortable experience.

5. **Efficient Cooling:** Effective cooling power suitable for different settings and activities.

6. **Convenient Power-up:** USB charging adds to the overall convenience of using the fan.


1. **Flexibility:** USB charging allows you to power the fan in diverse settings with ease.

2. **Portability:** Compact design and easy storage options make it convenient to carry wherever needed.

3. **Versatility in Use:** Suitable for a variety of environments, ensuring adaptability.

4. **Efficient Cooling:** Enjoy a refreshing breeze for relaxation or comfort during work.

5. **Convenient Charging:** USB compatibility provides hassle-free power-up options.

6. **Reliable Performance:** The fan delivers consistent and reliable cooling performance.

7. **Space-saving:** Compact design minimizes storage space requirements.

8. **On-the-go Comfort:** Perfect companion for staying cool and comfortable anywhere you go.



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