Portable Air Conditioner Air Cooler Fan Water Cooling Fan

Portable Air Conditioner Air Cooler Fan Water Cooling Fan


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- **Name:** Desktop Air Conditioning Fan
- **Water Tank Capacity:** 300ml
- **Body Material:** ABS
- **Size:** 145.5x240mm
- **Power Source:** USB (Rated Voltage: 5V 2A)
- **Color:** White


1. **3 Functions in 1:**
   - **Tower Fan:** Provides mild wind without adding water.
   - **Cooling Fan:** Enhances cooling by adding ice crystals.
   - **Purify and Humidify:** Filters dust, humidifies, and provides cool wind by adding water.

2. **Multifunctional Design:**
   - Combines blowing, cooling, and humidifying functions.
   - Filters dust to improve air quality.
   - Adds ice crystals for a refreshing cooling effect.
   - Moisturizes the air when water is added.

3. **Portable and Convenient:**
   - Compact size (145.5x240mm) for desktop use.
   - USB powered for easy connectivity.
   - Convenient and versatile for personal cooling needs.

4. **Easy to Use:**
   - Simple setup with one-button controls.
   - Package includes Air Cooler, USB cable, and English manual.

5. **Energy Efficient:**
   - Rated Voltage: 5V 2A ensures energy efficiency.
   - USB-powered design contributes to eco-friendliness.


- **Versatile Cooling:** Enjoy the benefits of a tower fan, cooling fan, and humidifier in one device.
- **Improved Air Quality:** Filters dust particles for a cleaner and healthier environment.
- **Energy Efficiency:** USB-powered with low voltage, reducing energy consumption.
- **Compact and Portable:** Ideal for desktop use, providing personal cooling wherever you go.
- **Easy Operation:** User-friendly design with simple controls for hassle-free use.

This Desktop Air Conditioning Fan offers a multifunctional and efficient solution for personal cooling, air purification, and humidity control.



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