Flip-type Gas Burner Embedded Gas Stove Cooktop Timing function Household Fogao Energy-saving Dual-purpose Fierce Stove

Flip-type Gas Burner Embedded Gas Stove Cooktop Timing function Household Fogao Energy-saving Dual-purpose Fierce Stove


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- Model: JZT-A08

- Product Size: 430 x 750 mm

- Hole Size: 350 x 650 mm

- Panel Material: Black Crystal Tempered Glass/Stainless Steel

- Applicable Gas Source: Natural Gas 12T/Liquefied Gas 20Y

- Energy Efficiency Standard: Secondary Energy Efficiency

- Number of Burners: 2

- Power Source: Gas

- Power: 4000W

- Ignition Mode: Electronic Ignition

- Brand Name: YunlinLi

- Weight: 13KG

- Rated Voltage: 220V

- Thermal Efficiency: 63%

- Package Includes: Smart Gas Stove 1 PCS


- Flip Lid Design: Easy to clean with a simple wipe, no hidden dirt.

- 10 Fire Outlets: Provides powerful fire for various cooking needs.

- Upgrade Power Bank: Rechargeable power eliminates the need for batteries.

- Energy-Saving and Gas-Saving: Tier 1 energy consumption and 63% thermal efficiency for cost savings.


- Easy to Clean: The flip lid design ensures easy cleaning with a cloth.

- Powerful Cooking: 10 fire outlets and 5.2KW power for versatile cooking.

- Cost-Effective: Rechargeable power eliminates battery expenses.

- Energy-Efficient: High thermal efficiency and energy-saving design reduce expenses.

- Stylish Design: European style and tempered glass panel add elegance to your kitchen.


The JZT-A08 gas stove is a sleek and efficient addition to your kitchen. Its flip lid design makes cleaning a breeze, and with 10 fire outlets and 5.2KW power, it handles a variety of cooking tasks. The upgrade to rechargeable power is convenient and cost-effective. This stove's energy-efficient design with a 63% thermal efficiency rating helps save on energy costs while adding a touch of European style to your kitchen.


Please ensure proper installation and connection to the appropriate gas source (natural gas or liquefied gas) as specified in the product details. Regular maintenance and cleaning are recommended to maintain optimal performance and safety.


1. What is the product's size?

   - The product size is 430 x 750 mm.

2. What power source does it use?

   - It uses gas as its power source.

3. How many burners does it have?

   - It has 2 burners.

4. What is the thermal efficiency rating?

   - The thermal efficiency is rated at 63%.

5. What is the included package item?

   - The package includes 1 Smart Gas Stove.

6. Can it be used with both natural gas and liquefied gas?

   - Yes, it is compatible with both natural gas (12T) and liquefied gas (20Y).

7. How does the flip lid design work for cleaning?

   - The flip lid design makes cleaning easy by preventing dirt from hiding, allowing you to wipe it clean with a cloth.

8. What is the power source for the upgrade power bank?

   - The upgrade power bank is rechargeable, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

9. Is this gas stove stylish in design?

   - Yes, it features a European-style design and tempered glass panel for an elegant look in your kitchen.

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