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- Motors: 100% Copper, ensuring high-speed performance.

- Operation: AC/DC operated for versatile power sources.

- USB Mobile Charger: Conveniently charge your mobile devices.

- LED Bright Night Light: Provides illumination during nighttime.

- Solar Panel Operated: Harness solar energy for eco-friendly charging.

- Rechargeable Battery: Outside battery for extended use.

- Timer: Set 5/6/7 hours timer for customized operation.


- High-speed Stormy Motors: Efficient and powerful copper motors for optimal performance.

- Multi-Operational: Works on both AC and DC power sources, offering flexibility.

- USB Charging: Handy USB port for charging mobile devices on the go.

- LED Night Light: Integrated bright light for added functionality.

- Solar Panel Compatibility: Utilize solar energy to power the fan, reducing environmental impact.

- Rechargeable Battery: Ideal for outdoor use, ensuring continuous operation.

- Timer Function: Set timer intervals for energy-saving and customized usage.


- Energy Efficiency: Copper motors ensure high-speed airflow while being energy-efficient.

- Versatility: AC/DC operation and solar panel compatibility provide multiple power options.

- Convenient Charging: USB mobile charger for easy device charging.

- Night Illumination: LED night light enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

- Eco-Friendly: Solar panel option reduces reliance on traditional power sources.

- Outdoor Use: Rechargeable battery and durable design make it suitable for outdoor environments.

- Customizable Operation: Timer function allows users to set preferred operating durations.

The Nova NV-920 Electric Charger Fan combines efficiency, versatility, and eco-friendliness for a well-rounded cooling and charging solution.



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