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- Place of Origin: China
- Electric Cooktop Type: Solid Element Cooktop
- Gas Burner Ignition Mode: Piezoelectric Ceramic Ignition
- No. of Electric Burner: 2
- No. of Gas Burner: 2
- Power (W): 5.2Kw
- Voltage (V): 220v
- After-sales Service Provided: Onsite Installation
- Warranty: 1 Year
- Type: Gas Cooktops
- Installation: Table
- Surface Material: Stainless Steel
- Cooker Quantity: Dual-cooker Cooktop
- Application: Commercial, Household
- Power Source: Gas
- App-Controlled: No
- Private Mold: No
- Model Number: Y-A3
- Fuel type: LPG/NG
- Net weight: 11(KG)


- Freestanding cooktop with a stainless steel surface for durability and easy cleaning.
- Left and right independent timing for precise cooking control.
- 2 electric burners and 2 gas burners offer versatile cooking options.
- Piezoelectric ceramic ignition for reliable and convenient burner ignition.
- 5.2Kw power and 220v voltage for efficient cooking performance.
- Suitable for both commercial and household use.
- Dual-cooker cooktop design allows for simultaneous cooking of different dishes.
- One-year warranty and onsite installation service provided for peace of mind.


The Y-A3 is a freestanding 2-burner table gas cooktop made of stainless steel, designed for both commercial and household use. It features two electric burners and two gas burners, each with independent timing control for precise cooking. The piezoelectric ceramic ignition ensures reliable and easy burner ignition. With a power output of 5.2Kw and a voltage of 220v, this cooktop offers efficient cooking performance. Its dual-cooker design allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The cooktop comes with a one-year warranty, and onsite installation is provided for convenience.


- The cooktop is suitable for use with LPG/NG gas fuel.
- It weighs 11KG, making it portable and easy to move if needed.
- The cooktop is not app-controlled and does not have a private mold.

QNA (Questions and Answers):

1. Can I use this cooktop for both commercial and household purposes?
Yes, the Y-A3 cooktop is designed for both commercial and household use.

2. How many burners does this cooktop have?
The cooktop has 2 electric burners and 2 gas burners, providing a total of 4 cooking zones.

3. What is the power source for this cooktop?
The cooktop operates on gas as its power source, and it can use either LPG or NG fuel.

4. Is there any warranty for this product?
Yes, the Y-A3 cooktop comes with a one-year warranty for added assurance.

5. Can I control the burners using a mobile app?
No, the cooktop is not app-controlled. The burners can be operated manually with the control knobs.


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