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- Type: Portable Air Cooler Leafless Electric Fan
- Cooling Technology: Bladeless design
- Functions: Cooling, Humidification, Air Purification
- Operation: Quiet operation for undisturbed sleep
- Timer: Automatic timing system for convenience
- Power Source: Electric


- Bladeless Design: Provides a refreshing and safe cooling experience without traditional blades.
- Humidifying Function: Purifies water to add healthy moisture, enhancing air comfort and cleanliness.
- Multi-Effect: Combines blowing, cooling, and humidification for a comprehensive cooling experience.
- Quiet Operation: Ensures a peaceful environment for secure and undisturbed sleep.
- Automatic Timing: Convenient timer system for worry-free shutdown, allowing a restful sleep until dawn.


1. **Refreshing Experience:** The bladeless design offers a refreshing touch, providing a new and comfortable cooling experience.
2. **Improved Air Quality:** The humidifying function purifies water, making the air more comfortable and pleasant while ensuring it is cooler and cleaner.
3. **Quiet and Secure Sleep:** Operates quietly and features an automatic timing system, allowing for a secure and uninterrupted sleep experience.
4. **Multi-Effect Cooling:** Combines blowing, cooling, and humidification for a dual benefit of refreshing cool air and added humidity, ensuring a cool yet not dry airflow.

This portable air cooler is designed to enhance your comfort, providing a versatile and effective solution for cooling, humidifying, and purifying the air in a quiet and convenient manner.



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